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  • What is the CreativesMX Marathon?

    The CreativesMX Marathon brings together creatives from a wide range of disciplines to showcase and improve their talents and gain valuable career exposure across seven days of exhibitions, workshops, competitions, master classes, and plenty of fun. The location? The heart of the Hudson Valley, a stunning National Heritage area steeped in culture and bucolic beauty.

    The CreativesMX Marathon is an annual, week-long event held every summer spanning the seven counties in the Hudson Valley region bringing together creatives from all disciplines to not only showcase their craft and artistry, but elevate their talents and skills through participating in exhibitions, workshops, competitions, master classes and live events and performances.

  • When is the CreativesMX Marathon?

    Sunday, July 29th to Sunday, August 5th, 2018

  • Where is it?

    The Marathon spends one day in each county of the Hudson Valley. July 29th & July 30th—Monticello, in Sullivan County NY; July 31st—Hudson & Catskill, in Columbia & Greene Counties; August 1st—Poughkeepsie, in Dutchess County NY; August 2nd—Boscobel, Garrison, in Putnam County NY; August 3rd—Peekskill,  in Westchester County, NY August 4th—Newburgh, in Orange County NY; August 5th— MIlton, in Ulster County, NY. See the entire Program here.

  • Who can join in?

    Anyone! The CreativesMX Marathon was designed to bring together the entire community across the Hudson Valley for a week-long competition and celebration of creative expression in whatever form that might be. You don’t have to participate to partake in the week-long events either. We offer spectator passes, which include all public events and performances; as well as Full Access Passes which allows exclusive unlimited access to participants including transportation, food and snacks.

    Learn more here.

  • How do I register?
  • Who can I contact with questions and for more information?

    Feel free to reach out to us here.

    We are very responsive and very friendly.

  • Where is CreativesMX located?

    CreativesMX is located throughout the Hudson Valley with offices in two of its counties. We have an open door policy, so please feel free to walk in and introduce yourself.

    Kingston, NY: 845-338-2630 (map)
    New Windsor, NY: 845-565-8900 (map)

All Participants

  • What creative disciplines are included in the CreativesMX Marathon?

    All creative disciplines are included, from design to performance and everything in between you can find a comprehensive list here. We divide participants into 8 different categories for the purposes of the competition.

  • What is a typical day in the CreativesMX Marathon like?

    A day at the CreativesMX Marathon for a creative participant is a day of simultaneous workshops and seminars with a focus on career development and elevation. It is essentially a networking platform with an internal competition. The competition is focused in a think-tank hack-a-thon style with prizes and large-scale opportunities.

    Check out the full Program and see a typical day itinerary

  • Where can I find the Marathon Program of Events?
  • What is the difference in the Passes?

    Full Pass

    The Full Pass is for people who want to participate in the full CreativesMX Marathon event spanning 7 counties and 8 days. You’ll have full access to everything each day and can pick and choose what you want to participate in, plus week the full week prizes and be eligible to win daily prizes.

    Visit the Program or Register Today pages to learn all about it.

    County Day Pass

    With this Pass you get full access to everything your chosen day has to offer. We call them County Day Passes because each day we are in a different county. Perhaps you want to attend in your own county, or have always wanted to check out another county, or perhaps the programming and events on a certain day have you excited. With this one day pass you will also get access to the Kickoff Expo and the Finish Line Festival, so that is really a 3 day pass! And be eligible for the full week and daily prizes!

    Spectator Pass

    Spectator Pass is for the general public, family, friends and people who want to attend a week long creative event in the Hudson Valley. Spectators will have access to live performances, workshops, seminars, panels, vendors, food trucks and much more. A Spectator Pass is good for all of the public activities for the entire week!

    Visit the Program or Register Today pages to learn all about it.

  • What Pass is best for professional artists, new/amateur artists or creatives?

    We recommend the Full Pass which offers exclusive, unlimited access to the entire 8 days of the CreativesMX Marathon including all events, transportation, food and snacks.

    If you cannot make it for the entire 8 days, we recommend the County Day Pass which gives full access to one day of the Marathon only (Plus the Kickoff Expo and Finish Line Festival), in the county of your choice.

    Click here to learn more and purchase the Full Pass or County Day Pass.

  • What pass is best for families?

    If none of your family members are planning on participating in the marathon, we recommend the spectator pass. The spectator pass is great way to experience all of the fun and excitement of the marathon in the beautiful backdrop of the Hudson Valley.

    You can purchase the spectator pass and learn more here.

  • What is the Spectator Pass?

    Spectator Pass

    Each day of the CreativesMX Marathon we will be inviting the general public to watch, participate, interact and experience our wonderful programming throughout the Hudson Valley. If you sign up as a Spectator you’ll get access to all of our public events the entire week! Please do check out the Program to see all of the opportunities for Spectators.

    Visit the Program or Register Today pages to learn all about it.

  • What is included in my registration fee?

    Each pass type gets access to different activities and locations so please check out the Register Today page to learn more.

    But everyone gets a swag bag with goodies, access to exciting activities and experiences, transportation from our main hub to the day’s events, food, water, snacks and more.

  • Are there teams, or does everyone compete individually?

    The CreativesMX Marathon is about competing with yourself to improve and master your creative discipline.

    There are no teams, but we encourage you to get help from each other and build working relationships, friendships and collaborations as you see fit!

  • Can I compete in more than one Creative Discipline?

    We know a lot of people are talented in many creative fields, but for this CreativesMX Marathon you have to pick one discipline to compete in. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t explore all of the creative disciplines during the week. In fact, it is encouraged that you attend as many different sessions, workshops, lectures, and performances in all the disciplines.

  • Can I bring a friend?

    If you are a Full Pass or County Day Pass holder you will get 1 free Spectator Pass to give away!

Teens & Parents

  • What pass is best for teens, or college students?

    For parents and teens (13-17), we have customized our programming for you as participants. Please click here to learn more about the Parents and Teens options.

    For those over the age of 17, you will be competing in a Young Adult category which has its own prizes and challenges.

  • I am a parent of a teen (Young Creative), what do I need to know?

    For all Young Creative sessions and events there will be one chaperone. Chaperones at the CreativesMX Marathon are selected from the Childcare Council of each county to give your children the safest experience possible. First Aid kits will also be present and available at all locations during the Marathon for emergencies. Any dietary concerns should be addressed upon registration, however vegetarian and vegan options will be available daily. Transportation is also provided daily to and from the event. All safety and security information can be found in your welcome bag when you arrive.

    In addition, we have a special Parents booth at the Kickoff Expo to help answer any and all of your questions.

    We know safety and security are of utmost importance and would be glad to discuss any questions you might have.

    Please contact us for any reason.

    Parents are encouraged to participate and will have activities and opportunities exclusively for them.

    Parents are encouraged to participate by buying a Parent Pass. Parents can attend some experiences with their kids, but will also have access to additional programming just for parents.

    Parents accompanying a teen can buy either a Full Pass (8 days) or County Day Pass (1 day + Kickoff Expo and Finish Line Festival).

    There is a lot more information for parents here.

  • What will I experience that is different from the other age groups?

    The CreativesMX Marathon has space for you to nurture your talents and will show you how the creative economy works.

    Along with the other age groups, you’ll have a series of workshops, panels and challenges plus access to career opportunities. Receive hands-on training from seasoned professionals and learn what it’s like to have a career in your field.

    Plus, enjoy some activities just for you!

    There will be one adult chaperone per section. Parents are encouraged to participate and will have activities and opportunities exclusively for them.

    Each day is a unique experience for young creatives

    • Teens will learn how to set up a display.
    • Teens will practice their craft before industry professionals.
    • Teens will learn about the business of creativity.
    • Teens will get to explore the arts scene in the Hudson Valley.

    See everything in the Program

Competition & Awards

  • What are the points?

    Points are allotted to each workshop, activity, challenge, field trip and excursion that you participate in. Different choices bring different points. Part of the fun is learning to balance your choices to get the most out of your experience. In addition, there are points awarded by judges, speakers, staff and even spectators. At the end of each day, and at the end of the week, prizes will be given out based upon these points.

    Learn more about the competition here.

  • Do I have to compete or can I just come for the experience?

    It’s up to you. Ultimately, you are bettering yourself by attending and giving your all to everything you do, that is the true reward. You’ll leave rich with a new understanding of yourself, your discipline, and the creative economy around you. If you want to compete for prizes and other awards, you can as well. Either way, you win.

  • Is the competition based on age and skill level?

    Prizes are awarded in each of the 3 age categories and also within each of the 8 creative disciplines. So, if you are a Young Adult in the Visual Arts discipline, you will be competing against other Young Adult Visual Artists’. Each day there will be prizes awarded for daily points accumulated in each discipline, and for those who attend the full CreativesMX Marathon, there will be week long prizes as well as grand prizes.

  • Can I see me points / my ranking? How and where?

    You will be able to see your points on our CreativesMX Marathon app which you can access on your smartphone. You will also be able to see the leaderboard to see who is ranking and trending!

  • What are the prizes?

Logistics & Preparation

  • Where do I stay?

    Accommodations are not included, but we have a limited number of rooms available for a CreativesMX Marathon discount. For Full Pass participants, if you choose to commute each day you can come directly to the Best Western Hotel & Conference Center in Kingston, NY each morning and we will bus you to the days venue, and return you home at night.

    Likewise, if you want the best place to stay for the entire week, choose the Best Western in Kingston and we will bus you to each venue and back.

    See which Hotels we have discounts with, and learn more here

  • How do I get around?

    Part of the fun of the CreativesMX Marathon is traversing the entire Hudson Valley each day, that’s why it is a Marathon! Participants can drive themselves each day to the main anchor venue and we will then provide shuttles to any outside activities like field trips, offsite visits, and other venues.

    If you don’t want to drive to each venue you can arrive each morning at the Best Western Hotel & Conference Center in Kingston by 7 am and we will bus you to the days location, and bus you back to Kingston at night.

    Transportation is available daily to and from our Transport Site – Best Western Hotel & Conference Center in Kingston, NY; alternative County transport locations may be available based upon need. After registering, you may sign up for transportation.

    The morning transportation schedule is as follows:

    7:30AM – Arrive at Transport Site (Parent Drop Off & Pickup)

    7:45AM – Bus Boarding at Transport Site for transport to County Anchor Site

    8:00AM -9:00AM – Travel Time (estimated)


    The evening transportation schedule is as follows:

    7:00PM – Bus Depart to Transport Site

    8:00PM – Parent Pickup at Transport Site

    Please check the County Leg transportation schedules for special evening programming on July 31st and August 2nd.

    You can learn more here

  • What happens if there is bad weather?

    The show must go on! Most of our events are indoors, a few are outside, and we will have rain out options available incase of inclement weather.

  • What if I have special requirements?


    If you have special dietary needs these can be indicated during the sign up process. We will make every attempt to accommodate those with dietary needs.


    Contact as soon as possible with any questions or specific accommodation requests. During the conference, information is available at all Information Booths in at each anchor venue in each county

    The Conference does NOT provide:

    DEVICES that are personal or individually prescribed, such as wheelchairs, prescription eyeglasses, or hearing aids.

    SERVICES of a personal nature, such as assistance in eating, toileting or dressing, or the pushing of wheelchairs.

  • What supplies will I need to bring and what will be provided for me?
  • What technology do I need?

    The CreativesMX Marathon is best experienced if you bring your own smart phone. The competition is enhanced by using your smart phone to check-in, see points, get directions and learn about all of the activities. If you do not have a smart phone you can still enjoy everything the CreativesMX Marathon has to offer.

  • Is there storage?

    We will have secure areas at each venue to store your gear. However we are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

  • What do I bring?

    You bring your enthusiasm, stamina, creativity and a positive attitude! When you register we will send you a list of items that you should consider bringing based upon your specific Creative Discipline, Pass type and age category. Don’t worry, it is easy stuff.

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