Make the most of your experience to expand your reach, hone your craft, gain skills, and break through professionally while networking, collaborating, and showcasing your work throughout 7 counties within the Hudson Valley.

This exciting event is tailor-made with the creative in mind, and will grant you unlimited week-long, or daily, access to all CreativesMX Marathon events with meals and transportation included. Come prepared, plan ahead and be sure to bring your “A” game!


8 Creative Discipline Categories

Graphic designers, interior designers, textile designers, industrial designers, architects, & fashion creatives.

What Will The CreativesMX Marathon Provide You?

  • Master Class: Graphic, Textile, Interior, Fashion, Architecture
  • Design Thinking (InnovatorsBox)
  • Illustration
  • Digital Design Portfolio
  • Digital Design, UX/UI & Motion Graphics
  • Design, Copywriting & Advertising Portfolio
  • Directing, Videography & Filmmaking (with Media Arts)
  • Marketing, Content & Publishing Portfolio
  • Photography, Styling & Art Direction
  • Design Studio (Architecture) Including:
    • Model-making techniques
    • Digital analysis and representation
    • Computer modeling and fabrication

Filmmakers, photographers, screenwriters, producers, directors, & cinematographers

What Will The CreativesMX Marathon Provide You?

  • Master Class: Photography
  • Television School (Christina Wayne)
  • 1 Day Film School
  • CreativesMXtory Challenge

Innovators, crafts makers, inventors, 3D print designers, & tinkerers

What Will The CreativesMX Marathon Provide You?

Workshops in any of the following:

  • Traditional and Advanced Tools: 3D printers, laser cutters, and CNC routers
  • Milling equipment
  • High-speed plotters
  • Printmaking equipment for all media
  • Woodworking
  • Metalworking
  • Sewing, and textile production areas
  • Wet lab and work area;
  • Fabrication and modeling shops

Musicians, songwriters, producers, dancers, actors, directors, playwrights, & performing arts creatives

What Will The CreativesMX Marathon Provide You?

  • Master Class: Singer, Musician, Songwriter, Dancer (Contemporary & Ballet), Actor
  • Recording Tips
  • Sing Like You Speak Workshop
  • Entertainment Is a Business
  • Stage Performance Workshop
  • Producing Seminar
  • Making a Music Video (with Media Arts)
  • Improv

Chefs, caterers, bakers, pastry chefs, brewers, & winemakers

What Will The CreativesMX Marathon Provide You?

  • Mastering the Basics
  • Food Protection
  • Culinary Entrepreneurship
  • Front & Back of house management
  • Food product manufacturing & distribution best practices
  • Food Styling for Media
  • Farm to Table Best Practices
  • Food Sourcing

Designers, developers, gamers, & game industry creatives

What Will The CreativesMX Marathon Provide You?

  • Master Class: Prototyping
  • Workshop: Build an Internet of Things Device
  • Workshop: Create with 3D Imaging
  • Seminar: I Created a Video Game, now what?

Writers, poets, editors, & illustrators

What Will The CreativesMX Marathon Provide You?

  • Master Class: The Word, The Sentence, The Paragraph
  • Workshop: Writing convincing and arresting work
  • Panel: On current trends and practices
  • Workshop: Reading Aloud for Yourself and Others
  • Writing workshop

Painters, illustrators, drawers, sculptors, ceramic & new media artists

What Will The CreativesMX Marathon Provide You?

  • Creating a Digital Portfolio
  • Master Class: Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Mixed Media
  • Plein Air Workshop & Challenge
  • Contemporary Art Issues

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