The CreativesMX Marathon brings together creatives from a wide range of disciplines to showcase and improve their talents and gain valuable career exposure across eight days of exhibitions, workshops, talks, master sessions, and more. The backdrop? The heart of the Hudson Valley, a stunning National Heritage area steeped in culture and bucolic beauty.


No two days are alike on the CreativesMX Marathon, yet participants can prepare to Explore*Master*Promote*Present & Win! on a daily basis. Click to expand the basic daily schedule.

8:30AM – Doors Open and Continental Breakfast Served
9:00AM – Sessions Check-In Open
9:30AM – Sessions Start
10:45AM – Morning Break
11:00AM – Sessions Continue
12:30PM – Lunch Break
1:45PM – Sessions Continue
3:30PM – Afternoon Break
6:00PM – Dinner and/or Dinner-Session
6:30PM – Evening Sessions (when occurring)

Transportation is available daily to and from our Transport Site – Best Western Hotel & Conference Center in Kingston, NY; alternative County transport locations may be available based upon need. After registering, you may sign up for transportation.

The morning transportation schedule is as follows:

7:30AM – Arrive at Transport Site (Parent Drop Off & Pickup)

7:45AM – Bus Boarding at Transport Site for transport to County Anchor Site

8:00AM -9:00AM – Travel Time (estimated)


The evening transportation schedule is as follows:

7:00PM – Bus Depart to Transport Site

8:00PM – Parent Pickup at Transport Site

Please check the County Leg transportation schedules for special evening programming on July 31st and August 2nd.

The Marathon provides an experimental endurance racetrack to ignite, encourage and support nascent, emerging and ready creatives. Full and County Day Pass holders may experience master classes and workshops, career readiness practicums, marketing workshops and project challenges.  There are opportunities for networking, peer reviews and audience engagement. With field trips everyday and the ability to select other disciplines to explore, your creativity will be inspired. With the creative careerist in mind, the business of art and entrepreneurship are daily topics. Plus, industry professionals share their expertise and provide mentoring moments.

  • Specifically, Full and County Day Pass Holders may:
  • Increase their skills mastery
  • Present before tastemaker audience
  • Exhibit their work
  • Practice, Practice, Practice
  • Learn How to Build a Budget
  • Take on a Project Challenge
  • Have a Meal with a Mentor
  • Market their work
  • Go on a Field Trip
  • Hear from seasoned industry professionals
  • Check out Innovative Industries

Day 1 – Kickoff Expo – 7/29/18 – Sullivan County
Resorts World Catskills
Monticello, NY

Kickoff Expo is our registration center and pre-marathon party for the participants. The Kickoff Expo entails registration check in and packet pickup, the official CreativesMX Marketplace, product trials sampling and warmup stations for the participants.

A unique aspect of the Kickoff Expo is the ready to run “warmup stations” by select exhibitors. At the “warmup stations” participants check in with select exhibitors to learn about products and services to support creative careerists. As a pre-marathon event, the participants receive bonus points for checking in at the warmup stations.

Pass Holders may check-in, grab their gear and go, or hang out throughout the afternoon.

Events take place from 1:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Sunday, July 29th

Creative Focus: Registration, Check-in, Warmup Stations

Time: 1:00 pm – 7:00 pm


  •  Resorts World Catskills

Pass Holders may check-in, grab their gear and go, or hang out throughout the afternoon. The Kickoff Expo will be open 1:00PM – 7:00PM.

Check-In for:

  1. How to Win and How to Run at Your Own Pace
  2. What Parents Can Expect and Special Programming
  3. What Spectators Can Sign Up to Do

Here is a sampling of the “warmup stations” available for participants to prepare for an enduring career:

  1. Is Your Bio Polished?
  2. How Social Are You?
  3. Are you camera-ready?
  4. Optimizing Your Devices for the Marathon and Beyond
  5. Time for a Health Care Checkup
  6. Career Development Sessions
  7. What’s Your Brand?
  8. Ready for the Red Carpet?

Plus, there will be entertainment and lots of food!

Resorts World Catskills

Coming soon!

Day 2 – Master Classes – 7/30/18 – Sullivan County
Anchor: Resorts World Catskills
Monticello, NY

A beautiful Catskill Mountain morning starts with creative inspiration during the morning’s Keynote Breakfast with Dr. Kate Stone, a game changer in the world of data and technology. Stretched, primed and ready, the 2018 Creatives MX Marathon Experience begins as creatives, parents and spectators set off on a day of industry specific Master Classes, Workshops, Breakout Session at Sullivan County’s newest premiere destination Resorts World.

Events take place from 8:00 am – 8:00 pm
Monday, July 30th

Creative Focus: All Disciplines

County Leg: Sullivan County


  • Anchor Location: Resorts World Catskills
  • Rivoli Theatre: Young Creatives Program
  • Catskill Kitchen: Culinary Arts Sessions

Public Events: 9:30 am Keynote Address

Master:  Master Class Series taught by master instructors who are accomplished and seasoned professionals, master classes are skills-based classes in each artistic discipline.

Participants have an opportunity to attend masterclasses in any discipline they are passionate about. The classes are designed to be challenging so participants can learn as much as possible to improve their skills.  Participants from other disciplines may also simply benefit from a fantastic class just for their own personal benefit.

Each class is a minimum of 2 hours. Check back for program schedule for classes with extended hours.

Culinary Arts – Chef Marcus Guilano

Maker – Bjorn Qorn

Media Arts – Effie Brown & Kelly Phelan

Performing Arts – Gordon Chambers, Bronwen Carson

Tech & Gaming – Open Hub Center

Visual Arts – John F. Simon, Jr.

Explore: Field Trip to Bethel Woods (all ages), Try Something Different 

Promote: Networking Refined

Present: Peer Reviewing within Discipline sections

Expo Hall with Council Chambers, Professional Office Hours and Vendors

Sign Up for Mentoring during select meals to Chat & Chews with industry professionals.

Prizes: Each Discipline –

1st Place Sullivan County

2nd Place Sullivan County

3rd Place Sullivan County

Equipped with a  customized course level for each participant, from slow to fast, each Creative sets off on their CreativesMX Marathon experience by participating in the day’s Master Class sessions and workshops led by industry leaders.

Choose from discipline specific workshops from “Drawing Your Path” with international multi- media artist John F. Simon Jr to Media industry insider tips from award winning film and television producer Effie Brown.

There are breakout sessions and excursion for all to enjoy designed to rev creative engines: from visiting 60’s Woodstock through an interactive immersion into its history making contributions in music and art at Bethel Woods Art Center, to on-site Mind, Body wellness with “Relax & Restore the Creative Way!”

Keep an eye on points earned and other specific prompts for parents and spectators through out the day and week!!

Day 3 – Master Performances – 7/31/18 – Columbia/Greene County
Anchor: Club Helsinki
Hudson, NY

Now that the CreativesMX Marathon is on, the course travels to Columbia and Greene Counties for Day 3, where participants will dig deep as the burn kicks in on a series of “Long Runs”, aka advanced workshops designed to hone their discipline specific skills.   The towns of Hudson and Catskill, known as arts & cultural hubs of their counties, welcome and host Creatives as they take on all the Marathon and Masters have to offer during programming at Club Helsinki, Space 428, the Hudson Area Library and Bridge Street Theater.

Events take place from 8:00 am – 10:00 pm

Tuesday, July 31st

Creative Focus: Performing Arts and Media Arts

County Leg: Columbia/Greene County


  • Anchor Location: Club Helsinki – Hudson NY
  • Bridgestreet Theater – Catskill NY: Young Creatives
  • Hudson Area Library – Hudson NY
  • Space 428 – Hudson NY: Culinary Arts

Pubic Events: Masters Evening Performance at Club Helsinki 6:30PM – 10PM

Enjoy a special performance with the CreativesMX Masters & Mavens.


Master Classes and Workshops continue
Workshops & Master Classes continuations – Taught by accomplished instructors who are accomplished in their fields. Classes may be skills-based or tools for industry best practices.
Participants have an opportunity to select workshops within their discipline category or a subject they are simply interested in learning more.
Workshops vary in length – 60, 90 minutes, 2 hours or more. Check back for more program details.

  • Media Arts Kelly Phelan
  • Performing Arts Michelle Cave & Bronwen Carson
  • Teck & Gaming Open Hub Center

Explore:Field Trip to Thomas Cole Museum, Try a Different Discipline

Promote: Marketing in 2020 Workshop

Present:Stage Presence Workshop

Expo Hall with Council Chambers, Professional Office Hours and Vendors

Sign Up for Mentoring during select meals to Chat & Chews with industry professionals.

Prizes: Each Discipline –

1st Place Columbia/Greene County

2nd Place Columbia/Greene County

3rd Place Columbia/Greene County

Day ends with a comfort-food themed dinner and performances from the Masters themselves. Parents, spectators and creatives dazzle the night away with Live Art experiences with Judith Braun and Musical performances by R&B artist Gordon Chambers as all the masters take over Club Helsinki, a restored industrial complex with a Southern-influenced American eatery stage for well-known musical acts.

Day 4 – Cross Track Challenge – 8/01/18 – Dutchess County
Anchor: Poughkeepsie Grand Hotel
Poughkeepsie, NY

A unique component of the CreativesMX Marathon is our Cross Track Conference, which will be held August 1, 2018 at the Poughkeepsie Grand Hotel (Poughkeepsie, NY).

This conference will include work sessions where the participants will be challenged to develop new initiatives and strategies to ignite the creative economy in their neighborhoods.

With a deep dive into the Creative Economy, participants will first explore innovative interdisciplinary industries:

  • Arts & Healthcare Intersection
  • Sports Innovation
  • Creative Placemaking
  • Media Democracy
  • VR/AR/AI
  • Infrastructure and Transportation
  • Cultural Heritage

Participants attend workshops, talks, seminars and panels plus take on an activity challenge.

Events take place from 8:00 am – 8:00 pm

Wednesday, August 1st

Creative Focus: Culinary Arts and Tech & Gaming

County Leg: Dutchess County


  • Anchor Location: Poughkeepsie Grand – Poughkeepsie  NY
  • Underwear Factory – Poughkeepsie NY: Culinary Arts

Field Trip: O+ Festival

Pubic Events: Cross Track Tradeshow

Master: Cross Track Conference

  • Creative Economy – Keynote (Luncheon)
  • Cultural Heritage – Work Session
  • Creative Placemaking Project
  • Media Democracy – Panel Discussion with independent media outlets
  • Arts & Healthcare Intersection – Workshop with Full Force Dance Repertory
  • STEAM – Workshop for Youth Development Project
  • Sports Innovation – Seminar & Workshop
  • VR/AR/AI – Imaginarium Unveiled
  • Infrastructure & Transportation – Seminar


  • Design – InnovatorBox Part I
  • Culinary Arts – Workshop
  • Visual Arts – Workshop/Talk –
  • Media Arts – Workshop Series Continues
  • Tech & Gaming – Open Hub Center

Explore: Cross Track Conference, Try a Different Discipline

Promote: Social Media Marketing Workshop Part I

Present: TBD

Expo Hall with Council Chambers, Professional Office Hours and Vendors

Sign Up for Mentoring during select meals to Chat & Chews with industry professionals.

Prizes: Each Discipline –

1st Place Dutchess County

2nd Place Dutchess County

3rd Place Dutchess County

Not your ordinary conference, the Cross Track Conference has specific objectives related to social change, inclusion and leadership development. Each track’s goal is to develop creative collaborative outcomes in the areas of democracy, wellness and culture; all fundamental human rights.

As a CreativesMX Marathon competition challenge, participants develop Cross Track projects pertaining to expanding the local creative economy. The project with the most potential impact will be greenlit for implementation over the course of the next year.

Can you imagine what a room full of creatives will develop when tasked with such challenges?

  • Cultural Heritage – Black History Committee with the Hudson Valley 2020 Initiative Launch
  • Regional Creative Placemaking Project
  • Media Democracy – With a Pen & Mic Project
  • STEAM – Workshop for Youth Development Project
  • Sports Innovation – Sports Tourism Initiative

Day 5 – Workshops – 8/02/18 – Putnam County
Anchor: Boscobel House & Gardens
Garrison, NY

At this midway point of the CreativesMX Marathon participants take a moment to rest up and absorb all the Marathon has thrown their way. Marathoners can kick off their shoes and enjoy a day in the majestic beauty of Putnam County at scenic Boscobel, a Neoclassical mansion with 68 acres of grounds; lush gardens, & woodland trails.  Part retreat and part workshopping, creatives will focus in on their Finale Project.

There’s also a special nighttime multimedia performance by Bridgman-Packer Dance staged in a 17-foot U-Haul truck, which features the company’s distinct blend of video technology and live performance. An invasion of the  Hudson Valley’s best food trucks will be joining us for dinner & snacks – all  under the stars at Arts on the Lake.

Events take place from 8:00 am – 9:30 pm

Thursday, August 2nd

Creative Focus: Visual Arts and Literary Arts

County Leg: Putnam County


  • Anchor Location: Boscobel House & Gardens – Garrison  NY
  • Garrison Institute – Garrison NY
  • Arts on the Lake – Carmel NY

Pubic Events: Performances by Bridgman|Packard

Master: Workshops in each discipline

  • Culinary Arts – Hudson Valley BBQ Specialists
  • Design Arts – Project Time, InnovatorBox Part II
  • Literary Arts – Writers Circle at Garrison Institute
  • Makers – Project Time
  • Media Arts – Filmmaking Workshop Project Time
  • Performing Arts – Bridgman|Packard Master Class
  • Tech & Gaming – Project Time
  • Visual Arts –
    • Plein Air Workshop & Challenge – Shawn Dell Joyce
    • Karen Whitman’s Printmaking Workshop

Explore: Field Trip -Try a Different Discipline

Promote: Social Media Marketing Workshop Part II

Present: Bridgman|Packard Truck Performance

Expo Hall with Council Chambers, Professional Office Hours and Vendors

Sign Up for Mentoring during select meals to Chat & Chews with industry professionals.

Prizes: Each Discipline –

1st Place Putnam County

2nd Place Putnam County

3rd Place Putnam County

Hudson Valley BBQ Specialists will serve up some of the best BBQ the HV has to offer, as they use local & seasonal ingredients.  An excursion to Boscobel for a house tour, and a trip to the Garrison Institute, where literary focused attendees will be able to engage in a ‘Writers’ Circle’ collaborative writing workshop that includes time for meditation, reflection, writing, and sharing.

Day 6 – Practice Pitches – 8/03/18 – Westchester County
Anchor: WCC Center for the Digital Arts
Peekskill, NY

An exciting twist in the course comes on day 6 on the Tempo Run Westchester County Leg, where participants will experience a packed full day schedule of panels, lectures, and practice pitches in the hip City of Peekskill, NY.

Our Westchester County event will be held at WCC Center for the Digital Arts in Peekskill and is focused around artistic practice, pitches and evaluations.

A defining day in the CreativesMX Marathon, where out of the steady creative tempo of the last few days front runners will emerge moving closer to winning awards and prizes as their projects take shape in preparation to the following day’s Rehearsal Dinner.  Be prepared to stand behind your work as industry professionals offer “Real Talk feedback during one-on-one, go-sees and industry specific panels.

Events take place from 8:00 am – 8:00 pm

Friday, August 3rd

Creative Focus: Makers and Design Arts

County Leg: Westchester County


  • Anchor Location: WCC Center for the Digital Arts – Peekskill  NY
  • Hudson Valley Center of Contemporary Arts – Peekskill NY
  • Holiday Inn Express – Peekskill NY

Pubic Events: Public Panels in all discipline areas

Field Trip: Lyndhurst Mansion or Phillipsburg Manor tours

Master: Real-Talk Panel Discussions in all creative disciplines

Participants learn from industry veterans, who have garnered success in their creative fields. The program helps creatives to appreciate the complexity of the arts and entertainment industry.

Panelists shed light on the business of creativity by sharing their real life experiences and tips of the trade.

Workshops will focus on presentation/performance readiness in different disciplines, social media marketing and practice pitching tips

Explore: Field Trip: Lyndhurst Mansion or Phillipsburg Manor tours; Try a Different Discipline

Promote: Social Media Marketing Workshop Part III

Present:Practice Pitching! (Professional review sites revealed “day of”)

Expo Hall with Council Chambers, Professional Office Hours and Vendors

Sign Up for Mentoring during select meals to Chat & Chews with industry professionals.

Prizes: Each Discipline –

1st Place  Westchester County

2nd Place Westchester County

3rd Place Westchester County

Interactive experiences include visual art portfolio reviews at Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art to “Dish Evaluations” by the discerning taste buds of local restaurateurs for our culinary creatives. An immersive ‘real world” educational and networking day set against the Peekskill Bay, magnificent Bear Mountain and the Hudson River. Take in the Lyndhurst Mansion or Phillipsburg Manor, grab a bite in this foodie mecca and explore your creative impulse as you discover Westchester’s exciting art culture!

Day 7 – Rehearsal Dinner – 8/04/18 – Orange County
Anchor: Umbra Studios
Newburgh, NY

Artists! Are you ready? Are you set? The Tempo Runs surely gave you a sneak peek at what it takes to make it in the Real World! Get pumped, show up, and show your best side in Orange County for Day 7’s Rehearsal Dinner.

Centered at Umbra, a state of the art soundstage of over 16,000 square feet of production heaven,  this day is all about supporting our CreativeMX Marathoners pitch perfect visions for their Finale presentation and performances.

Events take place from 8:00 am – 8:00 pm

Saturday, August 4th

Creative Focus: All Disciplines

County Leg: Orange County


  • Anchor Location: Umbra Studios – Newburgh  NY
  • Fullerton Center – Newburgh NY
  • Desmond House – Newburgh NY

Pubic Events: Public Seminars & Workshops

  • How to Collect Art
  • How to Value Art
  • Writing Your Memoir
  • Essay Writing
  • Should I be a 501(c)3?
  • Tech Assistance for Nonprofit Arts Industry

Field Trip: Cornwall Art Walk, Storm King Art Center

Master & Present: Getting Ready to Present & Semi Finals

Explore: Field Trip to Cornwall, Try A Different Discipline

Promote: Social Media Marketing Workshop Part III

Present: Social Media Challenge (TBD by Jamie Benson)

Expo Hall with Council Chambers, Professional Office Hours and Vendors

Sign Up for Mentoring during select meals to Chat & Chews with industry professionals.

Prizes: Each Discipline –

1st Place Orange County

2nd Place Orange County

3rd Place Orange County

In addition to all the great events already listed, it will be hard to choose which excursion to do. From historic Newburgh, to the world renowned sculpture park, Storm King and artisanal paradise of SugarLoaf. There are options to meet every creative palate as parents and spectators spend the day as creatives work away. Creatives you are almost there!  A little sweat, a lot of prep will give your presentations the final polish.

Day 8 – Finish Line Festival – 8/05/18 – Ulster County
Anchor: Hudson Valley Sportsdome
Milton, NY

This is it! You made it – traversing the creative professional challenges that one must take to flourish in the creative economy!  You can see the finish line ahead! The center of the arts in the Hudson Valley for over 100 years, Ulster County welcomes our CreativesMX Marathoners and fans with a Finish Line Finale Festival and the evening’s Awards Show at the Hudson Valley Sportsdome!

Events take place from 11:00 am – 5:00 pm

Sunday, August 5th

Creative Focus: Present & Perform

County Leg: Ulster County


  • Anchor Location: Hudson Valley Sportsdome – Milton  NY

Pubic Events: Attend Finish Line Festival

  • Presentations & Performances
  • Arts Galore!
  • Vendors
  • Food Trucks

Festival Open: 11:00AM – 5:00PM

Awards Show: 6:00PM under the Dome *(special admission)

It’s an  exhilarating  celebration  to  the  finish, where  converging creative disciplines will learn their final standings  and  put  their  final  best  foot  forward and present their talents to the world! Special judges and spectators will determine best-in show and award prizes among a party of vendors, performances and a smattering of local noteworthy offerings!

Kick back and enjoy the day while connecting and celebrating the creative community and the CreativeMX Marathoners, who over the course of the week,  transformed into the next wave of leading creative professionals.

Ready to Register?