Young Creatives (13-17)

The CreativesMX Marathon is the perfect opportunity for young creatives to develop their skills, connect with people, and showcase their talents. At our event you’ll create lasting memories, genuine friendships, and have a load of fun!


This is better than school

Prepare for a creative exploration and deep dive into your specific strengths and weaknesses as an emerging creative, with peer to peer relationship building and opportunities to expand your reach and exposure. Expect to ask questions, analyze and push yourself to the next level.

Competing in your own category, you’ll have a series of workshops, panels and challenges providing access to greater knowledge and career opportunities. CreativesMX has specifically designed the programming for teens to further develop your strengths, experience and knowledge. You’ll receive hands-on training from experts in your discipline and leave with a clear understanding of what it’s like to have a career in this field.

Win Prizes & Awards!

Young Creative Discipline Awards will be bestowed to the top three in each of the following categories: Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Media Arts, Culinary Arts, Design Arts, Tech/Gaming, Makers and Literary Arts. There will be prizes given out each day for County Day Pass attendees and special prizes for the entire week.

Learn all about it here!

The CreativesMX Marathon is an amazingly powerful opportunity for people to come together, and not only come together and do what they do, but to learn from each other, and that’s why I’m really excited to be a part of it.
– 2016 Attendee


More than a summer camp, this event can be an 8 day event, or a single exciting day for your Young Creative. It will uncover hidden talents and develop skills that will help to build confidence, strengthen communication, foster friendships and create memorable experiences together. Parents can attend with their children on exclusive field trips and sessions customized to meet your child at their level. Access to all public events and performances is included, giving both you and your child entry into all areas of fun!

Parents can rest assured knowing that CreativesMX has thought of everything. The “What Parents Can Expect” Booth has been designed to address any and all concerns that parents might have. It can be found on the CreativeMX Marathon’s first day (Sunday, July 29th) at the Kick Off Expo.

Safety & Comfort

Chaperones at the CreativesMX Marathon are selected from the Childcare Council of each county to give your children the safest experience possible. First Aid kits will also be present and available at all locations during the CreativesMX Marathon for emergencies. Any dietary concerns should be addressed upon registration, however vegetarian and vegan options will be available daily. Transportation is also provided daily to and from the event (find out more in the FAQ). All safety and security information can be found in your welcome bag when you arrive.

Give your child the full CreativesMX experience knowing that their safety and security are our highest priority. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us today!

Specifically for Young Creatives

CreativesMX has tailor-made programming for parents and children, meeting your child’s creative talents and skill set right where they are. With field trips, challenges, and workshops, children are encouraged to explore and discover their creativity using their curiosity and passion. CreativesMX has planned and prepared for lots of fun and excitement to foster friendships, build confidence and strengthen communication skills. CreativesMX kids are in for a fun-filled week of unique experiences and memories that will last a lifetime!

Parents Welcome!

Parents are welcome to attend and we are planning exciting programming just for you. Field trips, special workshops, live performances and much more are available to you as a parent. You can also attend some sessions with your Young Creative (if they’ll let you ;). Please see more about the specific programming here.

If you can’t attend, we are fully equipped and ready to provide a safe, fun, exciting and productive experience for your Young Creative. Please see our FAQ section for a ton of additional information, and don’t hesitate to contact us anytime for any reason.

Ready to take your creativity to the next level?